We make sure you have the best lawyers possible to fight for what you deserve.

We’ll eliminate the stress of finding the right catastrophic injury or wrongful death lawyers so you can focus on your family and healing.

When every lawyer claims to be the best,

how do you know who to choose?

Finding a wrongful death or catastrophic injury lawyer is easy;

their faces are usually plastered on billboards and television. But finding a lawyer you can trust with your specific case needs can be extremely difficult. Why?

Because the best of the best don't need to advertise and are not easily found by the general public.

Most of the top wrongful death and catastrophic injury lawyers don't advertise because they don't want juries to associate them with "TV or Billboard" lawyers and the negative implications that come along with such advertising. Afterall, most people wouldn't choose the best surgeon for their complex medical procedure based on how frequently they were on TV. Furthermore, top attorneys don't need to advertise because the majority of their cases come from referrals from other lawyers.

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You might be feeling...

Overwhelmed about how to find someone trustworthy who will put your best interest first?

Worried that once you hire a lawyer, your case will get lost under a stack of papers.

Concerned you won’t be kept up to date with easily understood communication throughout the case?

We believe hiring the perfect legal team for your case should feel effortless.

Hire the Best of the Best

We eliminate uncertainty by guiding you through the process of finding and hiring the best lawyer for your situation.

Stay Informed Along the Way

We form a strategic alliance with your lawyer to ensure your case is being handled properly and keep you updated in a simple and clear way.

Get the Results You Deserve

We remain by your side as your trusted advocate and fight to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

“Greatest of the great. Matis is an incredible human being and a fantastic attorney. He did an amazing job with our case and did so with such kindness and professionalism. There are not enough words to describe how grateful we are.

Nochum K.

When you’re in the thick of a crisis, making important legal decisions is extremely difficult.

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You want the best possible outcome for your case, and in order to do that you need to hire an experienced lawyer you can trust to have your best interest at heart. The problem is, there are so many lawyers to choose from that finding the perfect fit for you is overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to begin.

That’s why after 25 years of helping over 5,000 people with personal injury and wrongful death claims, I established SyncLegal. We eliminate the stress of finding, hiring, and working with the best catastrophic injury and wrongful death lawyers.

You’ve been through enough already, let us do the heavy lifting from here on out.

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Matis Hirsh Abarbanel, ESQ, Sync Legal Founder

Here’s what makes us different:

Your Trusted Advocates From Soup to Nuts

Unlike a typical legal referral service (where any lawyer can pay a fee to join a list), we don’t just ‘refer’ you to a lawyer. We vet and qualify every lawyer we recommend. Then we remain by your side as a trusted advocate, making sure your case moves along as quickly as possible until you get the results you deserve.

Partner Neutral

We are partner-neutral and have no incentive to select one law firm over another. That means our only motivation is being your advocate and getting you the best possible outcome.

Completely Free

The service is 100% free to you. That’s right, the attorney fees are the same as if you found and hired a lawyer on your own… and those fees only apply if we win your case.


Years of Experience


Recovered For Our Clients


Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Cases

“I was in a terrible near-death motorcycle accident and didn’t know where to turn or who I could trust.  I spent several months in the hospital and had 12 surgeries. Matis would visit me on a regular basis. He was able to secure an amazing settlement for me. I was very happy with the personal service I received as well as the results. ”

Daniel B.

Here's how it works


Schedule a Free Consultation

We’ll discuss the details of your case and get a thorough understanding of your needs.


Get the Best Legal Team

We’ll narrow down the best lawyers, then together, we’ll meet with them to make sure it’s the perfect fit.

And if not, we’ll repeat this process until you’re 100% happy.


Get Closure & Peace of Mind

We remain by your side as a trusted advocate to ensure a smooth process and maximize successful outcomes.

Types of Cases We Handle Include:

  • Fatal or severe motor vehicle accidents
  • Death or severe disability from medical errors
  • Workplace fatalities or catastrophic injuries
  • Injuries or deaths from defective products
  • Severe injuries or deaths from falls
  • Clergy and sex abuse claims
  • Serious injuries or fatalities from violence
  • Recreational accidents with grave outcomes
  • Construction incidents causing permanent harm
  • Toxic exposure leading to serious illness or death
  • Catastrophic aviation or maritime accidents
  • Dangerous and defective drug injuries

“Our family had a terrible tragedy when our youngest daughter was misdiagnosed by the hospital, which resulted in a spinal injury that rendered her a paraplegic. With so many lawyer advertisements out there, it was impossible to know who to choose from and who we could trust. Matis was kind, compassionate and very well versed in all the particulars of the law. He assembled a top-notch legal team, and we reached a settlement. It was great to have a trusted advocate on our side throughout this challenging time in our lives.”

F. Goldstein

Don’t settle for less than you deserve

by hiring the wrong lawyer.

When you’re in a crisis, it often feels easiest to just hire the lawyer your friend recommends… or the one who advertises the most.

But this mistake ends up costing you in the long run.

Let us eliminate the stress of finding and working with the best lawyer for your case so you can maximize your results. Our services are completely free. Seriously.


5 questions to ask any catastrophic injury or wrongful death lawyer you interview to ensure they're a good fit for your case.

Finding the right fit makes all the difference in your case's success.


If your services are completely free, how do you get paid?

We don’t ever get paid unless you win your case. Our fees are completely contingent upon a successful outcome of your case and are paid directly from the partnering law firm that we all agree to work with.

Do you accept all injury cases?

No. In fact, we are extremely selective in the cases we take. In order to provide the best service to our clients we maintain a very small caseload. Furthermore, we only focus on catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.

How is it that you have access to lawyers that other people don’t?

The top lawyers, the best in their field, usually don’t advertise, because they don’t need to or want to. Thus, you won’t find them plastered on billboards, tv or radio ads or all over the internet. When lawyers themselves have friends or loved ones who experience catastrophic injury or a wrongful death, they don’t sit around Googling to find a lawyer. After 25 years of practicing law and handling thousands of injury cases, SyncLegal’s founder, Matis Abarbanel, Esq. has been front and center in the circles of high-stakes litigators. The lawyers that other personal injury or wrongful death lawyers refer their cases to.

What if I’m not happy with the legal team you choose for us?

That is the beauty of SyncLegal it’s a 2-way Sync, not only do we make sure we align you with the best law firm, but we also make sure that you are aligned with the firm that is the best fit for you as well. We don’t ‘pick’ lawyers for you. We do the hard work of researching, finding and interviewing the best firms and work together with you to align you with the best fit for you and your family. We will repeat this process until you are happy. You are always the ultimate decision maker; we are the guides to help you make the most informed decision possible.

How often will you keep me updated?

You will always have access to our dedicated team of professionals. In addition, we send out monthly updates that detail where you are in the process, steps that have been taken, and what the next steps are.

How do you find the best lawyer for my case?

Over the past 25 years we have developed an optimal selection process consisting of several factors that we analyze, some of them for example are; years in practice, cases handled similar to yours, settlement results, trial results, trial percentage wins, percentage of increased recovery from pretrial offer to verdict, client testimonials, reputation in ‘inner circles’ of lawyers, percentage of practice that comes from lawyer referrals, speediness, thoroughness, and diligence, just to name a few.

How long does the process take?

When dealing with a death or life-threatening injury time is of the essence. We have a case intake we go through with you to get the basic pertinent information, then we assess whether it’s a case that we are interested in taking. Next step is to begin the SyncLegal match process of narrowing down the best lawyers for your case and set up a detailed intake interview, where together we all get into the specifics of the case. This also gives you an opportunity to meet with the lawyers and see if it’s they are a good fit for you as well. Once we complete the lawyer interview process, your case will be opened immediately and on its way to success. Of course, we can continue the selection process as you see fit.

If you don’t agree to take my case, can you still help refer me to a personal injury lawyer?

Absolutely. We have a list of several qualified and reputable law firms that we can refer you to.